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Posted by Xiaoyeshi 
January 22, 2018 08:52AM
It can be obviously seen by everyone that the market for mobile is already huge. The fact that the market is going to grow bigger in size is another piece of news that is not hidden from the world. When all of us know that the mobile app market is exponentially expanding Cheap Ty Montgomery Jersey , then it is not point not to have an app for our businesses. If there is anyone who has deprived his business of an app it might be the right time to again give a thought on whether or not to build an app.

In 2015 alone, over 1 billion smartphones were sold to the users worldwide. Well it may come as a surprise but the figure is twice as much laptops or PCs were sold in the same year. With this figure, one can easily understand that nowadays no one buys a phone for just attending calls. Smartphones offer much more than just making calls and saving phone numbers. It offers mobile apps that have made the lives of Smartphone users simpler. It has been researched that an average app user spends over 30 hours a month on at least a dozen apps. That simply means a lot of users have their noses fixed in apps a lot of time. With this figure it can be easily said that the app industry has not come to leave the arena, instead it has come to stay and rule. According to a study, it is expected that the app industry will make a revenue of almost $77 billion with over 268 billion downloads. Phew! That is a major growth.

People or businesses may still not believe unless they are showed dew facts. Here are some of the eye-dropping facts that may help you in considering that mobile app industry is and will be a winner.

1. Mobile use will continue to grow

Needless to say but the mobile users will keep on increasing. Right now almost 90% of population owns a mobile phone. Whoa! This means 9 out of every 10 people have a mobile phone in their pockets or purses. 61% of these mobile users will own a smartphone. This means they mean some serious business with their phones. It is expected that more than 1 billion mobile units will be sold next year.

2. Mobile vs. population

Another fact that will help you in believing that mobile apps will make it to the Everest is the fact that by 2016 per person will have 1.4 mobile devices or more than one mobile phone on this planet. How weird is that! Well this statistics came from the fact that by 2016 the world population would be somewhere near 7.3 billion and the total number of mobile devices supporting internet would be 10 billion. You can do the math yourself.

3. Mobile app users

Here is a list of information that helps you understand the growth of apps and apps usage.

68% of app users download and actually use their apps
57% app users reported of using the app daily
51% use several apps at least once in every 7 days
31% use at least 6 apps weekly
24% of app downloaders use app for more that 30 minutes a day
46% app users actually pay for downloading apps
52% app users claimed to have paid somewhere around $5 or less for buying apps
17% app users have also paid up to $20 for using an app
Audio and video devices have made our world a better place to live in. Today markets are flooded with numerous Audio and video devices in different brands and infinite price range. Now- a- days Audio visual devices have become a great source of entertainment and are available in endless variety ranging from multimedia, i- pods Cheap Quinten Rollins Jersey , DVD player projectors and many more.

A series of companies deals with these products which may be Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and a lot more. Installation of these devices can be a daunting task especially for large devices and therefore needs to be done with perfection. Even if a small setup goes wrong, then your entire concert can be a disaster. Most of the companies offer installation for following devices:

• LCD and LED displays

• Home Theater Systems

• DVD Player projectors

• Digital Screens

• Video and audio conferencing devices

As the technology is evolving with time, so even these companies should have up- to- date tools and engineers. Their engineers should have knowledge about the most recent technical advancements as well as the technology that was being used ten years ago. These companies also provide post installation services which involve providing annual maintenance projects in order to keep the system optimized.

The process of <"http:www.systemsconnectaudio-video-network-design
">Audio Visual Installation is a complex procedure and includes following steps:

• Before installing the device they first analyze the entire area where installation has to be done.

• Then the specialist will refer to equipments that best suits the customer’s needs.

• Now the installation process will follow. In this they analyze the current system integration Cheap Damarious Randall Jersey , then draw the room layout with proper wiring diagrams and finally install the device.

• They ensure the customer that their device is working perfectly.

• Final step is the training session which is conducted by the specialist so that the customer does not damage the device in later use.

Audio and video devices are used everywhere such as homes, public venues, conferences, operational call centers and many more. Digital Signage installation is used in areas where one needs to communicate with masses. Audio Visual Installation is generally required in following areas

Corporate offices

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