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Posted by Xiaoyeshi 
January 22, 2018 09:08AM
The Bold 9700 is Blackberry most compact Wholesale Miles Killebrew Jersey , up to date PDA so far. Ten reasons why everyone thinks this is the phone to get.

Of course the device contains all the business programs you need for word processing, excel sheets or power point presentations. But also possible is listening to tunes on the road Wholesale Anthony Zettel Jersey , play games (available on the Bold 9700 itself but also downloadable and watch movies. Tech-wise the phone is highly up to date, versatile and easy to use. The Bold 9700 is a beast of a machine usable for everyone.

The Bold & The Beautiful
The newest Blackberry is comfortable and fits your hand perfectly. The back side is made of leather and gives it a fashionable, trendy look. Previously Blackberry were only available in black; nowadays you can get one in white or even gold. Of course everything looks a bit more smooth and slick than its predecessor. A bit smaller, lighter and more compact.

At first you needed a little ball to navigate through your screens, now the trackpad is what makes the Bold 9700 go round. This square button is the mousepad of your phone: very sensitive but easily controlled. Some websites look small Wholesale T.J. Lang Jersey , just click your trackpad to zoom.

User friendly
The main menu is a bit intimidating with its twenty-two icons. Choices! Don be scared, within five minutes you can master your Blackberry Bold 9700 thanks to a couple of easy and logical decisions. Online or make some calls right after purchase. The icons are user friendly (a compass for GPS, a wrench for settings) and you can put them in the order of your preferences. The first six icons appear on you main screen. Internet, text messages, media Wholesale Darren Fells Jersey , address book and email are received everywhere and opened as fast as a text message. No loading time, immediately visible.

Free instant messaging
Instant messaging is (if not the main reason) one of the reasons why Blackberry has gained so much popularity among younger users. High phone bills because you sent too many text messages? Instant messaging between Blackberries is completely free of charge. You can write a whole lot more compared to text messages and you pay absolutely nothing.

With its 3.2 megapixel camera you can send photos straight online as Internet is always available. Adjust the photos yourself or change setup if you like. The camera is switched on by pushing the button on the side.

Phone to get
The Blackberry Bold 9700 was nominated for the T3 Gadget Awards 2010, the Oscars for smart phones with lots of gadgets. Its success among younger users has reached such a high point that the Bold 9700 has got to be the phone to get. Indeed, also iPhone bites the dust.

Although it doesn always seem that way (mostly in public), you can put the Blackberry Bold 9700 on mute.

The flashing Wholesale Ricky Wagner Jersey , red light telling you there is a new message or email is highly addictive.

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