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NOT FOR SALE Pandora has a secret charm and this is why you will never be able to buy it

Posted by patrect08 
DO you love pandora disney 2018 italia and collecting the brand’s popular charms?

Well it turns out there’s a charm even the most avid collector doesn’t have.

The brand sells a wide range of charms, with some more common than others, but it turns out that they also make a secret charm – and you’ll never be able to buy one.

Pandora told Good Housekeeping that they produce a charm that is only available to the jewellery brand’s employees.

Called “Winniper”, the charm is named after orecchini Vivienne Westwood two founders, Winnie and Per Enevoldsen - a Danish married couple who founded the company back in 1982.

Upon first glance, the Winniper looks slightly confusing and it is difficult to decipher what kind of creature the charm is meant to embody.

However, the charm is actually an amalgamation of three animals - each with their own symbolic meaning.

There are pandora disney italia prezzi a lion (“Pride – working as a team”), a giraffe (“Performance - we look ahead and see the bigger picture”) and a bee (“Passion – a bee shouldn’t be able to fly because it has delicate wings, but it still manages to due to its can-do attitude”).

But collectors will be left disappointed when it comes to hunting down their own Winniper.

Because of the charm’s connection to the company, the Winniper is not on sale anymore and it is exclusive to collana vivienne westwood employees only.
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